With his debut album RIMS OF TIME Max Dahlhaus is taking no prisoners. Every single one of the 13 tracks is splurging its individual features and one-of-a-kind undertones, still all of them show some kind of disposedness to drama, paired with flickers of irony.
Once you close your eyes and let yourself sink into the massive production, you will see that Dahlhaus had a master plan in his mind when producing the album. Emerging from the red haze of the cover-artwork which was created by Dahlhaus as well, you will see epic scenes start rumbling before your inner eye once the music starts.

With some of the tracks simply listening will not be enough! You will feel the urge of stomping down on Berghain’s concrete floor while being part of a rolling mass of people. This longing will immediately fade away with the next track and you are going to want to sit on a rooftop in the earliest morning light, watching the shadows of the night crawl out of the city.
Unpredictable breaks in the arrangement will allow your mind to jump to a range of different scenarios, banning any kind of tristesse in spite of the rather dark undertone of the album.

Carried by their multifaceted sound patterns, the 13 tracks of RIMS OF TIME are on peculiar journeys. The audience is free to decide if they want to watch those wanderings, or if they allow themselves to fall into that red haze and become part of the adventure.