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Reach out for Mixing and Mastering of your project.

Unleash the Power of Your Sound: With a keen ear for detail and a passion for precision, I specialize in crafting immersive sonic experiences. From punchy bass drums that resonate with authority in electronic compositions to ensuring every element finds its unique space to breathe, my mixing and mastering skills elevate your tracks to their fullest potential. I embrace the crunchiness of electronic music, adept at accentuating its dynamic range while preserving clarity and depth. Your vision is paramount, and I'm always open to special requests, ensuring your music receives the tailored treatment it deserves.


- One track with up to 20 Layers - 80€
- One track with up to 30 Layers - 110€
- One track with up to 50 Layers - 170€
*Two changes and mastering for digital use included.


- Single track - 40€*
- Album Mastering (from 8 tracks) - 30€ each track*
- EP Mastering (from 4-7 tracks) - 35€ each track*
- Stem Mastering 3 to 5 stems - 25€ each stem*
*All for digital use and CD/Tape. One change included.