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Max Dahlhaus and Kronom team up for Unizone on “Trauma Tendrils” with remixes from Domizako and Ice_Eyes.

“Trauma Tendrils” lands with all the diplomacy of blunt force trauma. Both veteran producers trawl the deepest and darkest recesses of their personal brands of dystopia, settling on a chaotic course of textured experimentalism and distorted broken rhythms. It’s industrial techno that has dissected and reorganized its molecular structure. Tracks that simulate the experience of emerging from the primordial cyber cocoon. Caked in dirt, drenched in acid, mouth full of gristle. All that’s left to do is tear the feeding tubes out of your stomach, punch a hole through the membrane of your prison, and rush the sentinels. What’s the worst that could happen?

On EP opener “Frantic Solar”, a corrosive melodic motif swirls around kicks precision-engineered to shake the very core of the earth. Ashen voices and screeching machine wails round out the scene. Driving and cavernous, “Dozhdot” bursts through the speakers with bags of lawless energy. With explosive buzzes, unrelenting kicks, and barely a second to breathe, both producers drive their rhythmic framework into despotic territory. The two faster numbers of the foursome, “Tendrils” and “Losing Grip”, ramp up the drama and the sense of cinematic anticipation. Something’s around the corner but you don’t want to know what because it might be the last thing you ever see.

Domizako and Ice_Eyes both take on “Losing Grip”. Prague producer Domizako leans into the track’s tense atmosphere with a remix that is the sonic equivalent of a rolling boil. It’s understated and it’s deadly. Greek experimentalist Ice_Eyes turns the party dial up with a remix primed for the club. Prepare for big stabs and big polyrhythmic energy.