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This is Max

Berlin-based audio-visual artist and producer Max Dahlhaus stands apart in the music landscape, weaving a unique narrative through his sonic explorations. Operating beyond the veil of anonymous semi-darkness, Dahlhaus infuses his productions with a distinct personal touch, revealing a storyteller at the core. Dahlhaus deliberately traverses contrasts in his music, embracing the interplay between emotional and abstract elements, repetition and intricate detail, opulence and minimalism. His sound is dystopian and cinematic, immersing listeners in a symphony of sound that defies traditional categorizations. A tireless experimenter, Max Dahlhaus employs an array of tools, from field recordings to experimental cello sessions, continually pushing the boundaries of his craft. His meticulous approach to production results in awe-inspiring sonic landscapes, massive yet clear, with a mixing technique that serves as a masterclass in artistry. Beyond the auditory experience, Dahlhaus's visuals add an extra layer to his artistic expression. Distorted and evocative, they invite interpretation and introspection, creating a truly immersive sensory encounter when paired with his music. Having entered the music scene in Berlin in 2009 as a DJ and later transitioning to live performances in 2017, Max Dahlhaus effortlessly navigates both realms with a sense of familiarity. His artistic journey extends globally, with releases on labels like Over My Body from Taiwan, reflecting a diverse range of influences and an unwavering commitment to sonic innovation. In the world of Max Dahlhaus, the boundaries between contrasting elements blur, creating a space where music and visuals converge to form a unique and captivating artistic universe.