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Max Dahlhaus, a versatile DJ, crafts immersive experiences through his eclectic sets. Effortlessly transitioning between diverse moods and styles, Max defies genre constraints, adding industrial techno elements and a dystopian atmosphere to the mix. With a track record that includes performances in renowned cities and clubs like Tresor and OHM in Berlin, as well as on an extensive China Tour, gracing venues such as OIL Shenzhen and AXIS Chengdu, Max brings his unique sound to audiences around the globe. His presence extends to festivals like CTM-Festival, Meeresrausch, and NEONE by Lunchmeat Festival Prague, solidifying his reputation as a dynamic force in the world of electronic music. Not tethered to any specific genre, Max's DJing promises an ever-evolving and engaging atmosphere for open-minded audiences, inviting them to join him on a sonic journey that transcends boundaries.