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Max Dahlhaus, a distinctive figure resonating in the digital realm, is more than your average audiovisual artist and DJ. His music, a fusion of cinematic, industrial, and experimental elements, goes beyond the ordinary to create a rich, immersive experience. As an avid explorer, Max continually seeks new influences and tools, carefully crafting productions with a massive yet clear sound. In live performances, he forgoes technical showcases, focusing instead on connecting with the audience through an authentic mix of beats. Complementing the music, Max's visuals are a distinct part of the experience—distorted, evocative, and thought-provoking. Together, they form a sensory journey that defies easy classification. Max Dahlhaus doesn't conform to conventional artistic norms. Navigating the realms of contrasts, he embraces the emotional and abstract, repetition and detail, opulence and minimalism. Live sets feature his own productions from respected labels, with each album accompanied by new visuals for a continually evolving experience. Recently, Max took his latest live show on a journey through China, Hong Kong, and Japan, sharing his unique blend of music and visuals with diverse audiences. His work is not about self-love; it's about sharing a distinctive artistic vision that pushes the boundaries of conventional expression.