New Album out now!

Overdrive out now!

„Atari Overdrive“, the latest LP from audiovisual auteur Max Dahlhaus, deepens and expands its predecessor’s musical universe, as it was created not only to be played in a club, but also as the imaginative soundtrack to a haunting story set in the not too distant future. Every single one of the 9 tracks is splurging its individual features and one-of-a-kind undertones, still all of them show some kind of disposedness to drama, paired with flickers of irony. The songs build up diverse chapters of the tale one by one, but when listened to as a whole, expand their full potential to get under anybody’s skin. Unpredictable breaks in the arrangement will allow your mind to jump to a range of different scenarios, banning any kind of tristesse in spite of the rather dark undertone of the album.
Carried by their multifaceted sound patterns, the 9 tracks of „Atari Overdrive“ are on peculiar journeys. The audience is free to decide if they want to watch those wanderings, or if they allow themselves to fall into that electric haze and become part of the adventure.